About Us

With modern Hong Kong roots and minimalist styling, all Perfectein handbags are designed with the idea for women to treasure, but also feel empowered by their bags. We believe, handbag to women is more than just an accessory, it's a way we express ourselves, please ourselves and make a statement about ourselves.

We are a boutique brand that curates beautifully crafted animal-free and sustainably-made fashion, including bags and accessories. Perfectein (read as perfect ein, meaning perfect one) started out from a small designer studio back in 2016. We have been growing mainly through good word-of-mouth for our design and craftsmanship within our community circle.  In 2018 we decided to go online to increase our international presence and promote the idea of accessible and compassionate vegan fashion.

Our Mission

At Perfectein, we believe in quality, craftsmanship and accessible vegan luxury. 

Our premium vegan leather handbags are crafted with love in a cruelty-free and compassionate environment. 

At Perfectein, we adopt fair-trade principles and fair pricing. We work directly with SA8000 certified factories and sell directly to end consumers, thus eliminating inefficient markups and unnecessary marketing costs. 

At Perfectein, we believe in community and constantly listen to our customers’ voices to improve our products by incorporating their constructive feedbacks.

Free Gift for Sustainability

To better promote the idea of sustainable fashion, we have launched three editions of “Buy 1 Get 1 Free" handbags (the third edition bags have been sold out, but we'll be replenishing soon!) where our new customers only need to pay for the price of one premium vegan bag plus free shipping but get two quality-made handbags. The only thing we ask of you is to give the second one to your friends, families or communities to engage more people to join us in reducing animal consumption.

If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to reach us via email support@perfectein.com or click contact us form.

Founder’s Notes

When I landed in US for my business school, I had never thought one day I would start my own vegan fashion venture. At that time, I had worked five years with a boutique investment bank in Germany and thought I would always be a corporate finance woman. But studying in US gave me an opportunity to take a foray into e-commerce where I quickly learned about product, design, quality control…I felt constantly motivated by being able to connect people with their desired high-quality products. 

When I was interning in New York City during my first-year summer in b-school, I always did window shopping alongside Fifth Avenue, just to admire, observe and learn the quality, design concept and craftsmanship of these big luxury fashion brands. I wished one day I could provide fashion products whose qualities are as good as of those of big brands but whose prices are accessible to most women, and most importantly in a way to encourage people to live sustainably and ethically. In 2015 I met with Louis, our chief designer, we really hit off on the compassionate and accessible vegan fashion idea. This is how Perfectein was built. If you have any questions or inquiries, don't hesitate to drop a few words to my personal account: kcmax@perfectein.com

                                                                        -- K.C. Max Woo, Founder of Perfectein.com